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About Us

Welcome to The Barker's Office! We are a virtual administrative assistance company. Latoya Barker came to America as an immigrant from a family of entrepreneurs. Thinking outside the box and problem solving was a normal part of her upbringing. Having owned a pet service business in the past, lead to Toya gaining extensive knowledge on the daily processes that keeps a business smoothly running. Seeing all the moving pieces connect behind the scenes, the focus is now on supporting other business owners with their "behind the scenes" office tasks. Providing owners with consistent support as well as creative feedback and ideas on bettering processes and systems. Having learned from years of creating systems and operational guides for various companies, the magic is truly behind the scenes. 

With us managing your administrative tasks you won't have to worry about getting them done!

Outsource your office needs to us!

Dog & Cat Pals


Providing Peace of Mind through

consistent Administrative Support! 


Help business owners avoid Burn out!

With a team, anything can be accomplished. 

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